Why we love Jo Kley

With a Jo Kley-sculpture you can become a resident of KleyCity.

The artist Jo Kley dedicates his life to working stone, marble, granite, limestone, alabaster. And he is unsurpassed as a sculptor. A small work from our collection in a beautiful spot in your home is of the same high quality as his meter-high works. They are now in cities, parks and open landscapes everywhere in the world.

Jo Kley kunstenaar

Jo Kley’s last tower (Templo del Sol) is three meters high and can be found in Mexico on the campus of the University of Guadalajara)

Most recent work
In addition, Jo Kley also makes work in steel such as the most recent sculpture entitled Templo del Sol, which is three meters high. It is located in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta on the campus of CUCOSTA (University of Guadalajara). In 1981 he completed his training as a stonemason and in 1997 his study as a sculptor with Jan Koblasa (1932-2017), professor of sculpture at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel.

Cover centuries
Stone has eternal value for Jo Kley. Standing in front of a sculpture of thousands of years old, he can be deeply moved. In stone it looks like it was made yesterday. We can no longer know the maker’s intention, but the work can still touch us here and now. And that’s what Jo Kley is about; to bridge centuries with art.

Jo Kley sees his art as a language of forms. His idiom connects with a canon of archetypal phenomena that man has produced since his creation and that has fascinated him since his existence: the ladder, the tower (see in our collection: Aussicht auf Eden), the knot, the spiral (see in our collection: Orbit VI), the crystal. He calls these forms phenotypes of humanity and they have an allegorical, symbolic and metaphorical meaning. The Greek Gods also return to Jo Kley’s own visual language (see our collection: Hermes and Poseidon) and even Eva.

Jo Kley kunstenaar

Jo Kley: Aussicht auf Eden, calacatta marmer 27 x 19 x 36 cm, € 3000

Jo Kley kunstenaar

Jo Kley: Aussicht auf Eden, calacatta marble 27 x 19 x 36 cm, € 3000

Strength, pride and urbanization 
With the most earthly material that exists, stone, Jo Kley expresses the most humane of all desires, the pursuit of the higher. The ladder serves as a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly, the tower traditionally embodies the desire of man to become divine and often plays a central role in many old stories from the most diverse cultures. In addition, the tower represents strength, pride and urbanization.

Monumental towers
Speaking of cities; since 1998, Jo Kley has been working on the creation of KleyCity. He is building monumental towers all over the world with the aim of creating a global city, a global network. And in this way connect as many people as possible with each other. The tower is ideally suited for this because it is the universal icon that is understood and admired by people of any culture. Meanwhile there are towers in 22 countries, the last in Mexico.

Jo Kley kunstenaar

International prizes
Jo Kley is not yet known in the Netherlands, but internationally he has more than earned his spurs. He is a much appreciated participant and organizer of numerous symposia around the world. He has won international prizes. His works are exhibited at many international art fairs such as NordArt and Art Karlruhe, and can be viewed permanently anywhere on earth, from Japan to Schleswig-Holstein.

If you buy a Jo Kley-sculpture, you will become a resident of the beautiful KleyCity under construction. And everyone is welcome!

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