Time art 1: Christine de Boom

For Christine de Boom, a photograph never does justice to our reality which is characterized by simultaneity.

The work is different, the theme is related. Christine de Boom and Ingeborg Rauss are both involved with the theme of time. Part 1: the simultaneous art of Christine de Boom.

The work of the German Christine de Boom and the Austrian Ingeborg Rauss demands from us that we link them. Both women have more than earned their artistic traces with exhibitions in galleries, museums and on international art fairs.

The work itself of Christine de Boom and Ingeborg Rauss do not seem to have much in common at first glance. Although in their visual language both artists do not let go of the figuration in their work as most of our other artists do. But that is where the outward accordances end. However, what binds both work in terms of content is the theme time.

It is as if we look back on something we have experienced before and in the meantime have mixed it with other memories

Reflections on time
On the second sight, the art of Christine and Ingeborg challenges us as spectators to think about the same phenomenon; the time. Both are engaged in their work with the question of what meaning the time in which we live has for us. Their art reflects on our time, but each in its own way.

photo-painting simultaneity memories time dibond

Christine de Boom: Der Weg in die Stadt (Bäume der Zeit), digitale schilderkunst en fotografie op dibond, 80 x 100 cm (2016) €1.440,00

Christine de Boom is a professionally trained photographer. The material for the artworks are her own photographs. Then she often places digitally several photopgraphs one on top of the other as layers for one artwork and then prints the mixed images on alu-dibond. She paints these overlaying images with acrylic paint, after which she applies a wax layer to the photo painting. She keeps the color of the works gray or blue.

According to Christine, it is an important characteristic of our time that we all live in a world in which we observe and experience events occurring simultaneously. She investigates the significance of this characteristic of our present time in her work. Photos that we are overwhelmed with every day are always a snapshot of reality. But for Christine, a photograph never complies to our reality that is characterized by simultaneity.

We always see several pictures, moments and fragments at the same time. Because of the gray or blue color, the photo images merge into each other, they can not be distinguished from one another and the sharpness disappears. They evoke the atmosphere of a memory or a dream. It is as if we look back on something we have experienced before and in the meantime have mixed it with other memories.

The space between
All these images in us require meaning. The first, new form of this is the search for a new order, new connections, accents and connections. Christine does that with the paint. Between photo images and the later applied paint arises a distance or a gap. This distance is further enhanced by the layer of wax applied as the last applied material. With this space between photo images and paint Chistine offers the viewer but also herself the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the immediately experienced and the later applied paint.

Trees of Time
She titles many of her works Trees of Time (Bäume der Zeit). This  title refers to the trees that play a prominent role in the photos and could be a playful reference to her last name. But she also makes us clear with this title that her artwork  has organically grown (for which time is needed) that lures us to reflect on our present time and the way in which time as an ordering principle in us works.

See more of Christine
The last major exhibition in which Christine de Boom participated was called Luftlinie and was on display in the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (D) until mid-April 2018. A TV report about this exhibition can be found on NDR.de.

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