Juliane von Arnim

Before she started an art education in Berlin in 2008, Juliane von Arnim took classes in the US (Toledo) and Germany (Bremen, Essen). She had both group and solo exhibitions in Bremen, Jena and Essen. Juliane lives and works in Berlin. To the work of Juliane von Arnim.

Christine Sophie Bloess

After studying at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Christine Sophie Bloess (1963) started working as an artist. At the same time she continued to develop with different teachers. Christine had several exhibitions in Cologne, Berlin, Potsdam and Munich. To the work of Christine Sophie Bloess


Helga von Berg-Reese

Helga von Berg-Reese (1942) specialized in various art techniques in Zurich, Bonn, Berlin, Halle and Potsdam since the 1970s. She was also an art therapist. Now the artist living in Berlin mainly makes works of paper. To the work of Helga von Berg-Reese

Christine de Boom

Christine de Boom (1959) was a professional photographer with her own studio in the GDR. Since the turn of the century she has followed various art courses in London and Berlin. She regularly exhibits in Berlin and abroad and participated in art fairs in Karlsruhe and Innsbruck. To the work of Christine de Boom

Margit Buß

Margit Buß (1951) makes (mostly square) experimental works in acrylic lacquer. She exhibited at museums and at art fairs in Germany. Her work is part of the collection of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Margit lives and works Eckenförde and Berlin. To the work of Margit Buß

Eva Erbacher

Eva Erbacher (1953) grew up in Luxembourg and now lives and works in Berlin. There she exhibited both solo and in group exhibitions. In addition, she participated in various art fairs in the German language area and beyond. To the work of Eva Erbacher

Katrin Hosterbach

Before Katrin Hosterbach started painting, she worked in the IT industry. She studied painting in Berlin and exhibited at various galleries in Germany. Her work is included in the diplomatic art collection of Germany. To the work of Katrin Hosterbach

Nobert Klaus

Norbert Klaus (1949) studied German and Art at the pedagogical academy of Weingarten. In the 70s he spent a long time in Berlin and was mainly engaged in painting and graphics. Now he concentrates on sculpture. Norbert lives in the area of Ulm. To the work of Norbert Klaus

Jo Kley

Jo Kley (1964) studied sculpture in Kiel. His work can be seen in more than twenty countries, from the Far East to South America. Since 1998, the artist has been working on the KleyCity project: show as many tower sculptures as possible in as many countries as possible. Jo Kley lives in Kiel in a former gravel quarry. To the work of Jo Kley

Dörte Lützel-Walz

Dörte Lützel-Walz (1944) worked for years as a psychiatrist, neurologist and psychotherapist. She began painting professionally around the age of forty. Since then she has exhibited in various group and solo shows and participated in art fairs in Innsbruck and Zurich. Dörte lives and works in Berlin. To the work of Dörte Lützel-Walz

Ellen Mäder-Gutz

Ellen Mäder-Gutz studied graphics and sculpture in East Berlin in the 1970s. It was only in the West that she found her own visual language. Since 2002 she lives in Vechta, where she works as a university assistant and artist. Ellen exhibited in various galleries and museums in Germany. Her work has been included in collections, including the museum of fine arts in Antwerp. To the work of Ellen Mäder-Gutz

Vera Oxford

Vera Oxfort (1964) was born in Rio (Brasil) and grew up in Switzerland. She was originally a goldsmith. After a training in Berlin, she focusses exclusively on painting. She had several exhibitions in Berlin, Bremen and Potsdam. Vera lives and works near Berlin. To the work of Vera Oxfort

Ingeborg Rauss

Ingeborg Rauss

The Austrian artist Ingeborg Rauss followed various art courses and studied art science and philosophy in Linz. Since the mid-eighties she had numerous (international) exhibitions. She also teaches at the Akademie für Malerei in Berlin. To the work of Ingeborg Rauss

Matthias Stuchtey

Matthias Stuchtey (1961) studied sculpture at the art academy in Münster. He graduated from the conceptual artist Reiner Ruthenbeck. This was followed by a postgraduate study at the art academy in Munich. He had several solo exhibitions at galleries in Munich, Cologne and Berlin, the city where he lives and works. Photo: Gerald Zörner. To the work of Matthias Stuchtey

Johannes von Stumm

Johannes von Stumm

Johannes von Stumm (1959) studied sculpture in Munich. In 1995 he moved to England, where he expanded his name as a sculptor and teacher. Johannes exhibited in various museums and galleries in Europe, the United States and Japan. From 2009 to 2012 he was chairman of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. To the work of Johannes von Stumm

Ute Wöllmann

Ute Wöllmann (1962) has been the driving force behind the Berlin Akademie für Malerei for ten years, right opposite the Universität der Künste, where she once graduated as a pupil of the painter Georg Baselitz. Ute Wöllmann exhibited solo in several cities in Germany. Besides her work as an artist and teacher she is in charge of the Berlin gallery ROOT. In 2011 she published a study book for painters. To the work of Ute Wöllmann